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Don’t count on much here. And if you do find something, don’t count on consistency. Humor thrives on the unexpected, so expect a lack of humor.

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You can try to find services here, but likely won’t find much beyond snark and rants and ramblings. If you find that that aligns with your aesthetic, then by all means reach out and let us know that you could do with a stronger connection.

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The World’s Untethered Thalian Humorist Organization seeks to unleash the ethos of classical humor and bring it back to fart jokes, laughing at our own peccadillos, and enjoying our own failings.



Howdy, humorist.

I am ur-WUTHO, a blogger based in San Francisco, blogging about a centered, return to Thalian Humor.

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Minimized simplicity

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Children of the Corn

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The Eternal Stuggle

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Cat on a Cool Slate Roof

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Minimized simplicity

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