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The dead eyes of two very white youths stare out from a black and white photo. Their privilege is palpable.
A black and white photo of a building that looks like a cross of a gazebo and the conical hat the Pope wears. The photo represents the Pope's Hat House; a place of news, mystery, and mysterious news.
Silhouette of a cat sitting on the peak of a slate roof, symbolizing the regal, authoritative aspect that anyone who might command such a high ground bears.

Thalian Humor

Classical Thalian Humor

The beard of the man pictured, is fierce. While it is not my beard, symbolically, it is my beard for my beard is similarly fierce. I do not, however, have hair. So this man’s hair is just a taunting evil.

Blog Posts

There will likely never be any of these, because I am a busy person, reserving my frivolous pursuits for the setting up of things, and rarely for the completing of them. But you might as well go check it out, what else is going on here?

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I am a pompous goon, who might be coerced to critique or contribute to whatever artistic endeavor you have temporarily fooled yourself into thinking might be of worth to you or the world. It’s okay, I’m also trying to learn how to not be precious about my art. We all have to learn somewhere.

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What I blog about

Way Too Random Thoughts

In my blog, if you find anything at all, it will be a challenge to connect one post to another in terms of theme, idea, or tone. My voice is not singular, it is multitudinous, and you’re going to be lucky to catch me thinking the same way about a thing two minutes in a row. As Emerson wrote, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds….” And while I’m not claiming to an Emerson-sized thinkery, I at least haven’t fallen prey to that hobgoblin.